Managing your boss and getting ahead as a team

The relationship between a boss and his or her employees is incredibly important to the success of the team.

Having a strong relationship ensures that everyone in the team has a greater sense of enjoyment, success and productivity whilst also enabling greater development. The stronger the relationship, the more accountable everyone is of one another and the firmer they can be in pushing people to get tasks done.

Building a deeper relationship between your boss and the rest of your team not only benefits the business but it also benefits you in a personal manner. Those around you are now more likely to recommend you for a new position, they are more willing to help you and your boss is more likely to put time into developing you for greater responsibility.

There are a few simple things that you can do to help improve your relationship with your boss.

Be authentic and change your mindset

Successful employees are truly interested in the success of the team. Regular communication and support for other team members including genuine concerns about others’ goals, their professional desires and any personal concerns they have to build trust and reliability. Showing genuine care for team members and for the team’ success will go a long way.

Perception is everything

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is incredibly important so that you can get on the front foot and complete the tasks that you do best. This also means that you are able to benefit the rest of the team as everyone is then able to focus on the tasks that suit their own strengths. Seek feedback on your work to further identify what you add to the team. Without getting on the front foot you appear standoff-ish and may not be able to show the value you bring to the team

Be honest

When things go wrong or you face a challenge, don’t wait for things to get out of hand before mentioning it to the rest of the team. Once again you need to get on the front foot and inform everyone. This builds trust and means they are likely to give you responsibility in the future.

Have their back

Your teams work will be regularly criticised and backing up your bosses ideas and thoughts builds a strong, cohesive team. This also means that they are more likely to trust you in the future when it comes to outputting forward ideas. Constantly communicate in a positive manner with your boss when they are surrounded by peers and superiors as this will build an appreciation for your work and build a stronger relationship.