The Best CBD Oil In Australia

Best CBD oil

So You’ve Decided to Use CBD Oil?

You’re suffering from chronic pain but the medication you’re taking makes you too lethargic; or your levels of anxiety are becoming a problem; or you’re experiencing nausea from medical treatment you’re receiving. What do you do? A lot of people with ailments that range from PTSD and ADHD, to epileptic seizures, to physical pain and discomfort decide to try the best CBD oil. Cannabidiol oil is a derivative of you guessed it, the marijuana plant, but far from getting you high, it is touted as a kind of wonder medicine that is still in its infancy of research and medical applications.

Can You Become Intoxicated from CBD Oil?

CBD or hemp oil has less that 0.2% quantity of other cannabinoids including THC which is the chemical component that makes users feel intoxicated. So, it won’t make you feel stoned or high and because of this the Australian government has now legalized its sale over the counter at pharmacies since 2021. Of course, there is still stigma surrounding anything to do with the much-maligned herbal leisure drug, including CBD oil and your local chemist won’t have much of a range of products at present and will probably still frown at you if you decide to purchase it there. So where else can you get the best CBD oil available in Australia?

Where is the Best Place to Purchase CBD Oil?

A lot of Hemp oil enthusiasts choose to purchase the product online from overseas companies based in the USA or European countries. There are a number of well-known companies that sell to Australian buyers and internet purchases of CBD liquid are probably the best way to soothe your aches, pains and mental issues.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence for the value of Cannabidiol products as well as medical research that shows it is an excellent anti-inflammatory medicine. Inflammation is perhaps the major source of problems in the physical body but CBD has also been tested and approved also for issues of a more mind-based or psychiatric nature.

Anxiety sufferers attest to hemp oil’s efficacy producing a calming effect, and those suffering from seizures have found a reduction in epileptic fits. Research has found the best CBD oil changes brain wave activity and neural pathway connectivity, and this is perhaps the reason why it is good for whole host of psychiatric disorders.

How Do I Get More Potent Forms of CBD Oil?

If you feel you need a more potent brand of hemp oil, one that exceeds the over-the-counter limit of 150 mg CBD a day, or even a product with some THC content, then getting a script from your GP is a possibility. If your doctor decides to prescribe you higher content CBD oil, they need to get approval for medicinal marijuana from the Therapeutic Goods Administrative body. There are some doctors that are authorised who don’t require this recommendation but finding them is usually by word of mouth.

What is the Future of CBD Oil in Australia?

Despite litigation that has fallen behind a world-wide consensus in accepting the importance of hemp products, especially in the USA and Europe, Australia is predicted to become one of the major producers of industrial cannabis products around the globe. Given the fact that the marijuana plant was used for medicinal applications by ancient cultures over 5, 000 years ago, it is about time that we begin to accept the benefits of Cannabidiol products available on the market without stigma or legal hurdles to cross.

As we move well into the 21st century, a change in the collective consciousness is ready to welcome the best CBD oil on offer as one of the best natural medicines available. 

How Employers Should Handle The Medical Certificate For Work

doctor writing prescription

There are strict rules and guidelines that are handed down when it comes to obtaining a medical certificate for work.

Employees have to do their due diligence to ensure that they are not in violation of their contract, because an oversight or instance of dishonesty can lead to serious ramifications.

Yet all of the onus to be diligent and forthright does not always sit with the employee.

Whilst the focus is often on their role and how they handle their absence from the workplace, employers have their role to play as well in this environment.

Here we will examine how employers should handle certificates and documents from medical professionals that cover for work absences.


Certificates Can Be Obtained In The Aftermath of An Absence

The first point that all employers should be wary of is that a medical certificate for work does not necessarily have to be handed into the office the moment that individual returns to work. The fundamental fact with this documentation is that it must stipulate the exact dates that were missed on the form, a form that can be crafted in the days following an absence. Some individuals who have suffered an injury or illness that forces them away from work might not have the document as a priority. That can also apply to the doctors who have to administer treatment and focus on preventative measures. In the time where the employee has settled back into their environment, that is when they can obtain the certificate.


Ensure The Doctor Is Certified

Unfortunately there have been case studies where employees have committed fraud when it comes to obtaining or handing in a medical certificate for work. For Australian workers, they must adhere to the Fair Work Act of 2009 that illustrates with clarity that any personal injury or illness that forces leave must be followed by evidence that would “satisfy a reasonable person.” In this respect, there have been isolated incidents where an employee has forged a certificate without the listed doctor being aware of the form being signed. From the perspective of the employer, they must be in contact with the doctor to clarify that they are legitimate and that the document is legitimate.

doctor checking pulse in the hand


You Can Request The Nature Of The Absence, But An Answer Does Not Need To Be Provided

Employers are entitled to ask the employee about the nature of the absence when a medical certificate for work is received. However, it is vital to note that the employee is under no obligation to answer those questions if they feel as they their privacy is more important in that moment. They are protected by law to ensure that their privacy is not violated. Furthermore, employers are free to continue to ask those questions and if absence from the workplace continues without a valid and transparent explanation from the certificate and the individual, then that could be grounds for dismissal. Each party has to issue a strong degree of transparency to ensure there is not a breakdown in the relationship.


Run a Checklist On All Fundamental Certificate Requirements

A standard medical certificate for work must be cross-examined and checked for its basic criteria. This will include:

  • Name of the patient
  • Name and address of the medical professional
  • Date the exam took place
  • Nature of the incapacity for work (if necessary)
  • The dates the employee will be absent for work
  • Name and address of the employer
  • Date and signature of document


Apply Standards as Per Workers Contract

Each and every private or public sector will have their own stipulation on employees who will obtain a medical certificate for work. Depending on whether they or full-time, part-time or casual hires, there will be different standards applied to their individual circumstances and their contract. The more benefits that are afforded to a category of worker (mostly full-time), the greater the degree of discrepancy is placed on this documentation. Shift workers in the hospitality industry for example are rarely required to obtain a certificate in this setting as they are on a rotating roster.


Not All Medical Procedures Require Documentation

There are certain practices of medicine where a medical certificate for work cannot be obtained. Unlike a general practitioner or a specialist who focuses on heart, brain and internal issues, there are others who rarely issue documentation to employers following treatment. These specialists include optometrists, therapists, physiotherapists, dentists and chiropractors.



The codes of medical practice will be there for department officials to check the parameters over obtaining and receiving a medical certificate for work. What is paramount for small businesses who do not have those resources is that they have a process where basic checks are run, and where an open and transparent dialogue occurs. So long as the employer and employee is happy to talk to one and other about a medical issue, then the technicalities can be managed without added stress or concern.







How a Chiropractor in Castle Hills Can Help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

woman getting a shoulder massage

There are thousands of people out there who sadly suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a condition where a person is tired all of the time, no matter how much sleep they will get. It is also common that these people will feel tired all of the time but won’t actually be able to get to sleep. It is also common for those who suffer from this condition to have pain as well. This condition isn’t as straight forward as other illnesses as there is nothing that can actually test for it. Most people will find that they have had a bout of glandular fever or something similar in the past and then will never seem to recover. This can lead to them not wanting to get out of bed, wanting to exercise, or to do the things they used to love. As there are no tests for it, many regular doctors will think that people are faking their conditions or that they are simply depressed. This kind of attitude from doctors can be detrimental and can make people feel even worse. The good news is that there is help out there from people who have done more thorough research on the topic. A chiropractor Castle Hill based expert will be able to help with chronic fatigue syndrome and will work alongside their patients so that they are feeling happy and healthy once more.


A chiropractor in Castle Hill will look at the whole picture

One of the best things about receiving help from a chiropractor in Castle Hill is that they will look at the whole picture. They will first address their clients pain by taking a full health history and then adjusting the areas that they need to adjust. They will be more than happy to see a client as often as they need and will be a great source of support for them. Just having someone to listen and to understand this condition can often do wonders in the way that people are feeling. Spinal manipulation is a great way to wake up the receptors in the body and to get things working again. A chiropractor in Castle Hill is able to offer adjustments which are commonly able to help reduce pain and stiffness. Furthermore, they are able to help by looking at everything that their client is doing. Such as what food they are currently eating, what medications they are taking, and how much exercise they are getting. They may recommend supplements such as Omega 3s which are commonly used to help with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Many people find that they can sleep more soundly

After seeing a chiropractor in Castle Hill, many people will claim that they can finally get a good night’s rest. When someone’s adrenal glands have gone into overdrive they will often become burned-out and wired. This kind of treatment is the perfect way to give the adrenals a rest so that people can finally feel calm and tired at night time like they should. Furthermore, getting a good night’s rest means that people are able to let their body heal which is incredibly important especially after suffering from some kind of virus. Mixing some gentle lifestyle changes, with more sleep, and with visiting a chiropractor in Castle Hill on a regular basis, many people will find that they are able to kick this condition completely. At the very least, many patients will find that they notice improvements that will help them slowly get back on their feet and doing the things that they love.