Managing fatigue at work

Time is becoming more and more precious everyday as businesses and employees find ways to get ahead of the game. However, in this strive for greatness, are we too often neglecting sleep or prioritising work over it?

Communication technology has been and still is one of the major players in this cultural shift. No longer is it simply a 9-5 work day as clients and bosses now want immediate responses to their queries and requests. Getting home at the end of the day doesn’t leave you out of reach of work and this can have negative impacts on sleeping patterns, either by choice or subconsciously.

These increased demands and connectivity means that we need to find better ways of managing our time, in order to get more done, and our fatigue, to ensure that we are productive with this time.

  1. Prioritise

Focus on the tasks that are urgent or most important. urgent tasks that lack impotance should also be left until later. Getting the important tasks done that allow you to work through them thoroughly is going to have far better effects on the business and your own wellbeing. Being able to work at a steady pace ensures a higher quality of work.

  1. Take a nap

This may be challenging for those working in an office but nap pods and quiet areas are becoming more common in offices. Find a quiet space where you can rest your eyes and won’t be disturbed. A quick 20 minute nap in the middle of the day will help you to reset, re-energise and innovate meaning that you be able to get more done for the rest of the day and potentially work longer.

  1. Switch off

Your work can become overwhelming at times, especially with the increased demands of clients and employers. Finding time to completely switch off is essential to maintaining a high level of output. Find a whole day or specific times when you are able to switch off from work and not be in contact with colleagues or clients for at least a couple of hours.

  1. Find a hobby/activity

Finding a hobby or activity that takes your mind off the job is a great way to refresh your brain and feel good about yourself. Whatever the activity or hobby, make sure it gets you out of the office and is something that allows you to engage with other people and/or nature are the most beneficial.

  1. Self-care

Anything that contributes to your own personal development or wellbeing can be classified as self-care. This could be meditation, reading or a massage all of which help you to relax and find a sense of calm whilst benefiting your mind or body.