Motivation tips to help you smash your next project

When we are handed a project we are often filled with excitement and an instant motivation to get started and smash it out. This motivation, however, often dies quickly when we hit a road block or a challenge throughout the project. Finding ways to overcome these and stay on track is pivotal to your success.

  1. Know why you’re doing it

Find a reason as to why completing this project is specifically important to you. Knowing why others want you to do it is a starting point but find intrinsic motivation to help push your through.

  1. Visualise success

Know what it is going to look like at the end and regularly visualise it at each stage of the project. This gives you a clear goal to work towards.

  1. Believe

Whilst we may often start out with enthusiasm, challenges may knock the belief out of us. Constantly reassuring yourself that you are the person for the job and will do it well is sure to keep you motivated and working to a high standard.

  1. Break the project down

Approaching it as one giant task is always going to land you in trouble. It means that you don’t feel success until completion which makes it extremely hard to overcome the challenges faced along the way. Break it apart in stages and reward yourself at the completion of each stage.

  1. Make a plan

This follows on from the above. Without a plan you can get lost and find yourself completing meaningless tasks. Make a plan and stick to it as it will give you direction.

  1. Understand that nothing is perfect

When embarking on a major project there are always going to be challenges. Additionally, if it is something you haven’t exactly done before, you are going to make mistakes. Accept them and learn from them.

  1. Tell people about it

Communicating your plans and success to others makes you both accountable and gives you a sense of pride. Informing others will ensure you stick to task and makes the successes more real.

  1. Use resources

Look to other colleagues, friend, family or conduct research to understand how to best go about each part of the project. Drawing on other people’s past experiences and researching will make your more confident in what you do and likely produce a better result.

  1. Create the right environment

If the project is going to take a long time it is important that you create an environment that gives you energy. This may require changing it throughout the project or completing work in different parts of the office or at cafes. Your environment has a huge impact on your work.

  1. Look after yourself

One of the biggest limitations to motivation is wellbeing. Don’t get stressed over the project and constantly evaluate where you are at and what can be improved. This helps you to remain realistic and doesn’t allow things to get out of hand.