Universal Expectations of Engagement Party Invitations

Creating engagement party invitations is a fun exercise where you can showcase your collective personality whilst getting the message out there about RSVP requirements.

Yet there is a degree of etiquette and protocol when it comes to crafting these printed items.

Here we will outline what the universal expectations are in this field.


Snappy and Light Message

There is no need to go overboard with a personal message when sending out engagement party invitations because in your case, there could be dozens or hundreds of guests and that is work that you can do without. A simple yet snappy line along the lines of “come and celebrate Paul and Michelle’s engagement party” or “join in on the fun at Michelle and Paul’s place” will suffice. This is an environment that is less formal than a wedding where friends and colleagues join close family members for a house party or even something as casual as an outdoor barbeque or picnic.

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Neat Presentation

The joy of crafting engagement party invitations is that this is essentially a blank canvas for you to get creative if that is a project that excites you. Take an examination of all of the templates on offer by various outlets and you begin to appreciate how much scope of choice you have at your disposal. From modern and minimalist designs to vintage, rustic and retro markings, letterpress and thermography styles, boho-chic or personalised items that standout with an intimate portrait picture – the call is up to you and your budget. The only expectation from the perspective of the recipient is that the presentation is neat and a mixture of formal and casual elements.

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Condensed Information

Engagement party invitations by their very design are used for a single practical application – to inform the recipient about the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the celebration. Here is where the listings can be brief but in clear detail to leave no one with any degree of doubt or ambiguity about the event. Place your names at the top to let them understand who this is in celebration for, name the day of the week, the date, the time and the address of the venue. Some designers choose to write everything in text form to bypass the numbers of the date and address, and although that could be consistent with a particular style, it can lead to the one thing you cannot have – confusion. Keep it simple and keep it condensed.


Clear RSVP Requirements

For those couples who are holding an engagement party in 2018, there can be a number of ways to inform those attendees about the ways in which they can reserve their place through an RSVP. The traditional means of returning an envelope or returning a call are still valid today for those that prefer that method, but engagement party invitations are often replied to today through Facebook event acceptance, a reply on Messenger, a text message or email.

Make sure as the host that you set the parameters on accepting this invitation to stipulate how you would like the recipient to respond and by what date. When you are organizing catering and potential accommodation, the early you obtain a gauge of the numbers, the easier it will be to plan.


An Item To Cherish

Whilst you are forging ahead with wedding plans to set up for the big event in the weeks, months or years to come, make a mental note that engagement party invitations are themselves a keepers item for the recipients. There could be attendees that might not be available for the wedding and every event in this respect is a landmark they want to remember and cherish. When crafting a design and listing the personal message, remember that this is a keepsake for a number of the guests.