How You Can Find a Quality Wedding Photographer in Sydney

As couples prepare for the big event, there are a number of logistics that have to be considered prior to tying the knot.

From sourcing a wedding cake to organising the seating arrangements, preparing the music and choosing the right floral design, there are inherent demands on both individuals to deliver a smooth and memorable ceremony.

One of the domains that happens to be high on the agenda is that of the photographer, the professional or member of a team who will be on location to document the day in the most spectacular of fashions.

For those in the market to find wedding photographer Sydney, there can be challenges to identifying which provider will suit them the most.

Amid all of the names and listings that are circulating within the city, from the North Shore to the Inner West or Hills District, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

To make this endeavour that little bit easier, we will outline a few helpful strategies that will allow you to find that photographer who will deliver the goods.

wedding photographer

Personal Reference

You can spend hours and weeks sorting through advertisements and listings if you are uninitiated to the city or the local area. Yet the most effective method of picking out a wedding photographer in Sydney is to have a recommendation from a personal reference. That could be a close family member, a friend or a colleague who has been married within the past couple of years. They will be able to speak to their credentials and pass on some helpful tips to make the working relationship with the wedding photographer in Sydney that little bit easier.


Online Research

In 2018 during the age of the shared economy, there are enough reviews, ratings and feedback in the digital sphere that will be available to check on each and every wedding photographer in Sydney. Whether they are specific apps or just via their Google user rating review, you will be able to gauge which clients were enthusiastic and satisfied enough to give these professionals their testimonial to the remainder of the Sydney community. Some of this information in isolation might not be a completely accurate guide, but the more reviews that are published, the greater the clarity as to their competence and quality.


Wedding Venue Recommendation

For couples who are at a loose end and are struggling to find a suitable wedding photographer in Sydney, one avenue could be to speak with the venue itself. If that happens to be a hotel, bed and breakfast or resort of some description, there could be a likelihood that they conduct weddings on a regular basis and have an established network of photographers on hand.


Understand Your Tastes and Requirements

Having identified different avenues to finding your ideal wedding photographer in Sydney, it is important to speak to these professionals having undertaken some reflection as a couple. Arriving to these meetings without any concept or preconceptions about style or process will be acceptable given their experience and expertise, but it will prolong the task to eliminate precious time that could be invested elsewhere.

It is vital that you sit down with your spouse and map out a plan, however basic or detailed you would like it to be. From the amount of photos to the price, the artistic design and the production format – lay out a framework to provide to the artist during the consultation.


Open Discussions and Book Consultations

The final step to sourcing a quality wedding photographer in Sydney is simple – pick up the phone and make a booking for a consultation. It is only through an open and transparent dialogue will you be able to gauge if they are a good fit in relation to their personality, if they have a portfolio that meets your standards and a range of services that fits your budget.