Things You Should Know Before Hiring a PR Agency in Sydney

Public relations is one of the most important yet most challenging aspects of contemporary business and is a big area of concern for many enterprises. While you may have a fantastic product and advertising campaign, your ROI will suffer if you don’t have an adequate plan in place for managing your public image.

For many businesses, engaging with the best PR agency Sydney is the ideal solution. It allows them to buy consultancy in public relations without needing to recruit and manage their own in-house team.

When you start promoting your product and brand, you’ll find that scheduling, pitching and tracking your media presence – as well as responding to journalists – is a much bigger job than you initially imagined.

When you reach this point, it’s a sign you should call the professionals and hire a reputable PR agency in Sydney. They are an excellent resource for small businesses in terms of helping them navigate the complexities and nuances of the promotional world.

Let’s take a look at 4 things you should take into consideration before hiring a PR agency in Sydney.


1: You need to understand your target audience

One big misunderstanding about brand promotion is that people think louder always equals better. This is not always the case!

When you are trying to share your brand’s story, you need to focus on finding media exposure that puts you in front of the right eyeballs, not just the biggest number of eyeballs.

For example, publishing 3 articles in the food section of a popular magazine isn’t going to help if you’re a mechanic. Similarly, 1 article mentioning your business in the New York Times is going to do more for your brand than 100 articles spread across small blogs.

It’s all about delivering your message the audience that will be most receptive to it. You need to understand your target audience in order for a PR agency in Sydney to help you reach them in meaningful ways.


2: What kind of team do they have?

A PR agency in Sydney will usually deploy a small team for each client it works with. This means that you’ll end up working with several different people who are lending their expertise to your brand.

You will need someone to act as your main point of contact so that you can always stay up to day on what the firm is doing for you. You will also want them to deploy a media expert who has relevant contacts within the industry.

Also, make sure you are fully aware of the social media and writing experts they make available to you. These are two of the most important aspects of contemporary public relations and you want to be sure that you are getting the best possible support.

Any good PR agency in Sydney will have talented people occupying all these roles who are ready and eager to help your brand.


3: Preparing for analytics

When it comes to measuring the success of your public relations work, you need to look at something called ‘analytics’. The PR agency in Sydney that you engage with should have a prepared workflow for recording, graphing and drawing insight from the analytics of your campaign.


4: How you pay them

For the majority of work done by a PR agency in Sydney, you will get charged a monthly retainer for a specific number of hours spent on your business. Before agreeing to a fee, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money and what it will cost if you need to change or add something.