Six Things To Consider When Purchasing Curtains and Blinds Adelaide

Redecorating your home is fun, but purchasing curtains and blinds Adelaide isn’t as simple as just heading down to the store and selecting your favourite from what’s on offer. If you want your new window furnishing to serve their purpose and look their best for years to come, it’s important to consider the following factors before buying:

Window Size

The first thing that you need to think about when purchasing curtains and blinds Adelaide is the size of the window that you’re looking to dress. Different types of window furnishings function better on different sizes and certain materials can get quite costly if you have a large window that needs covering so this is the first thing you’ll need to consider in your quest for new curtains and blinds Adelaide.


The next aspect you’ll want to factor into your decision is the material that you want your new curtains and blinds Adelaide to be made out of. The material that you choose will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your room so making the right choice is vital to your overall vibe. For example, velvet is great for conveying a sense of luxury, but in a room where functional furnishings is your main goal, a metal construction is far more logical.

The Room They’ll Be Used In

Curtains and blinds Adelaide

Speaking of considering the room your new curtains and blinds Adelaide will be used in, this is important in more ways than simply selecting the right materials. While it is wise to consider metal or other durable materials in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, you should also think about the type of window furnishing you choose to install. Venetians, for example, are great for areas with harsher purposes, while drapes can workout just as well as a basic sheer or blackout in bedrooms and lounge areas.


The colour that you select for your new curtains and blinds Adelaide will have a significant impact not just on the look and feel of your space, but also on how easy your new window furnishings are to clean. Light colours are great in low mess areas, but in parts of the home where your windows take a fair amount of punishment, darker tones are suggested. This will obviously be affected by the type of material that you select as some are easier to clean than others, but should nonetheless be considered.

Your Overall Design

Speaking of different areas of the home, your overall design will play the most significant role in selecting the details of your new curtains and blinds Adelaide once you’ve decided on the right material and colour palette. Delicate window coverings, for example, fit better with softer designs, while bold, solid colours fit well with ultramodern designs and deep, rich tones convey a sense of luxury.

To Blockout Or Not To Blockout

Finally, you’ll need to think about whether you’re looking to purchase blockout curtains and blinds Adelaide, or standard ones. In most cases, we suggest opting for blockout in bedrooms as this is the area of the home where you’ll most want to prevent light from filtering into your space, however, they can suit well in any room as long as they are available in your desired style.

Window furnishings tie the rest of your design together so it is important to select the right ones for your space. Carefully consider your options, refer to the above points that must be thought about when purchasing curtains and blinds Adelaide, and then head off shopping once you’ve got a good idea what you’d like.