Important Features That Should Arrive With Your Inventory Software Package

Any business that wants to satisfy their customers and keep their staff informed will be utilising a form of inventory software for small business. Above all else, this will ensure a strong degree of control whereby a retail and warehouse outlet can manage the incoming and outgoing of stock without human error causing major damage along the way.


Whilst the term ‘inventory software’ might appear ambiguous to the uninitiated, it will actually be a program that comes equipped with a series of features that will help the bottom line of the business.


In 2018, there are brands and products that will assist staff conduct their daily routine with a greater degree of confidence and clarity as decision can be made based on pertinent and up to date data.


So what should your software package come included with? Here we will outline the central features that defines this program.

Track Kits


A feature that should be evident will all types of inventory software is the application of delivering track kits. These helps a business by bundling and grouping together categories of products together that will end up forming their own unique product. This is mainly evident with items that need to be built and constructed to some degree on behalf of the buyer or end user, such as a desk, printer, bed or other items that requires a degree of assembly.

Multi Device Integration


The latest forms of inventory software will allow smartphone devices and tablets alike to utilise the program without any issues. Given the capacity to download a live app that will give more staff access to the platform, workers can scan for goods and monitor stock without the need for continued oversight that slows down productivity. This is especially pertinent if the centralised system is poorly performing or shutdown due to an emergency and a backup device has to be used. This will see the inventory software offering a functionality that is hard to surpass for quality.

Low Inventory Warning


Alters and notifications should be part and parcel of the features that come inclusive with inventory software, yet this is particularly relevant when discussing low quantity of stock. Orders that become backlogged hurt the efficiency of a business that needs to keep customers satisfied and slowing down on orders due to an inability to monitor stock is a major failing that any retailer should be ashamed about. These notifications should keep stock quantity front of mind from the top office the staff that are on the ground in the warehouse.

Inter-Warehouse Movement


This facet will ultimately be necessary should your business be part of a franchise or working in accordance with reliable partners who manage one department of the stock. Inventory software should come accompanied with a feature that offers inter-warehouse movement as the goods are maneuvered from one postcode location to the next, specifically in relation to a warehouse-to-warehouse chain.


There will be moments when these transfers need to be updated in real time or amendments must be communicated to the courier and the recipient, something that the software package should provide and stipulate.



There will be all manner of features that can come attached with your inventory software that you choose to purchase. From multicurrency to picking lists, drop ships and sales tax data, brands will want to go above and beyond to access your business. Yet it is worthwhile identifying if your inventory software included the above features because that will give your company the edge against the competition when it comes to delivering the product to the masses.