Advantages of Utilising an Outsourced CFO For Your Brand

outsourced CFO

For any company to be successful as it plans its future alongside a changing market and strengthening competition, it is important that all departments are functioning to optimum levels. This can be said particularly of the chief financial officer (CFO), an individual who is tasked with managing and planning all financial elements inside the business.


Whilst it is not common practice in many cultures or sectors of the business community, more and more brands are looking at an outsourced CFO as a legitimate option moving forward.


Think of it as a revolutionary model that is throwing convention out the window, but it is a tactic that is garnering more support and has seen significant success throughout the commerce field.


In 2018, there is as much as focus today on cutting out the element of risk as there is on taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. To achieve these targets, the acquisition of an outsourced CFO should be a genuine option on the table that a CEO, board of directors or hierarchy should seriously consider.


Here we will discuss the tangible benefits for those brands that are embracing an alternative to the norm when it comes to the role of their chief financial officer.

Saving on Cost


The majority of those who are taken as an outsourced CFO will accept the position on a part-time or casual basis where they are not expected to report on a 40-hour working week. During meetings and consultations where an audit has to take place or there are serious financial considerations to be made regarding an investment or project, then they can offer their insight when called upon. Some professionals in this regard are viewed as causal hires who are utilised for a specific purpose before being moved on. Without a long-term contract, they can be replaced should the circumstances call for it.

Objective Viewpoint


An outsourced CFO can help shape the direction of your company without knowing all of the internal politics and conflicts that are occurring behind the scenes. Viewing strategic decisions from a distance without any preconceptions, these officers have the capability of offering advice and expertise on funding, portfolios and investments that others would normally compromise by being too close to the action and the characters that can complicate proceedings.

Stronger Financially Focused Outcomes


Another serious strength of embracing the outsourced CFO option is bringing aboard an individual whose sole purpose is to impress within a single parameter. From the deliver of certified financial statements to analysis papers and cost saving advice that is pertinent to the brand, this specialist can keep separated from external matters of the business to deliver purely for one simple framework of the brand.

Eliminating Risk Exposure


Managing cash flow and monitoring investments and accounts is a serious department of any business. To compromise that is to compromise the organisation from top to bottom and with an internal CFO, there is a higher risk of exposure when it comes to locating data and storing information. An outsourced CFO can cut down on that risk by working from arm’s length where the tangible and intangible elements of the business are kept secretive and discretion can be upheld. In some cases the outsourced CFO is brought on site but in many instances, they will keep their records private.



Before proceeding with an outsourced CFO, it is vital that a background check with references is conducted before sitting down for an interview. Should an internal candidate not be necessary, then the outsourced CFO should be examined for their suitability, capacity to communicate in a timely fashion and work in sync with the standards that are set for every member of the brand.

How to choose the right confirmation dress in Sydney

confirmation dress in Sydney

A confirmation ceremony is a religious milestone and will be one of the most important moments of your life, where your bond to your church and religion is strengthened.

There’s no doubt that such a momentous occasion will be recorded, and getting the right confirmation dress in Sydney for your child will be the finishing touch to a special day. It is an occasion that should be celebrated, so wearing something nice is a good way to make the day feel special for everyone attending.

Choosing the right confirmation dress in Sydney for your child will ensure everyone is able to look back at the photos with nothing but joy and no regrets about outfit choices. Here are some tips on what to consider before choosing a luxury party dress for your children!


The right confirmation dress in Sydney for your child should be something which is modest. It should be of a good length and offer a modest coverage. If it is sleeveless or strapless, you should consider pairing it with a nice shawl or jacket.

The right confirmation dress in Sydney will not be too short or overbearing. Choosing something that reaches the knees is a good option, and you should stray away from any backless options. Remember that you are attending a formal ceremony and you don’t want any outfit mishaps to happen!

Church rules

Your church may have specific rules regarding what your child should wear during the ceremony. Make sure you check with your church and ensure the outfit you pick is appropriate.

Some churches are stricter with what is appropriate, so it is always a good idea to check before you start your search for an outfit!

Take your time

When choosing the best confirmation dress in Sydney for your child, it is a good idea to be prepared and start in advance. Don’t leave the shopping to the last minute – that will only make it harder for you.

You should start to prepare a few months in advance. Sit down with your daughter and brainstorm about what outfit you would both like. This will give you both ideas for what to look for during the shopping process.

It will also ensure that you and your daughter are on the same page about what the ideal confirmation dress in Sydney is.


The right confirmation dress in Sydney will be fit for a young lady rather than a child. At the time of the ceremony, your daughter will be in her early teens, so it may be time to step it up and let her have a more mature, but still modest, style.

Please everyone

Remember that this is your daughter’s special day, so it is important that you keep her wishes in mind when choosing the right confirmation dress in Sydney. Letting her make the decision for herself is completely fine as long as she is considerate of other factors.

The ceremony will be a milestone in your daughter’s life, so ensuring that she likes the outfit she has chosen is important. Sometimes you will have to compromise on what the right confirmation dress in Sydney is but as long as it is appropriate and your daughter likes it – that should be all that matters!


The right confirmation dress in Sydney is beautiful while still being practical. Your daughter should feel comfortable wearing it, as it is likely you will go for a nice dinner after the ceremony.

Your outfit shouldn’t be too formal, but it should look nice. Don’t be afraid to spend some money, as it can be useful for your daughter to have a nice dress in her closet.

What you should know about scaffolding?


Before you do anything related to building and construction you need to know what scaffolding is. Scaffolding essentially is a temporary platform and structure that workers are able to stand on when they are building or repairing a structure.

It holds tools and other resources that may be needed during the construction work. They are also widely used when cleaning large buildings as well, such as the suspended scaffolding that is used to clean skyscrapers.

The type of scaffolding you need ultimately depends upon how large of a job you have. How large the building is and how many people you need on the equipment at each time is a determining factor. Here are more things that you should know about scaffolding.

The precautions that need to be in place

The set-up of the equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no other safety issues. The people you have working on the equipment need to understand and follow the OHS guidelines to make sure that they don’t put themselves or others at risk.

You will either have workers that have use scaffolding before or those who are new to the equipment. Regardless a quick run-down of the do’s and don’ts needs to be established beforehand. Everyone needs to be made aware of any potential risks before entering a work site and that includes the operation of scaffolding.

Erecting the platform properly

The scaffolding needs to be built and erected properly to ensure the safety of those using it. If it does fall it will cause potential damage to the building, the workers and any other equipment that you have stored on it. Due to this potential risk you need to make sure that the equipment is not faulty in anyway.

Scaffolding is an intricate array of parts that make a system that is intended to support large amounts of weight. If one part of the array is faulty and/or broken it could compromise the entire system. That’s why it’s important to replace any faulty parts no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

The procedure of erecting the scaffolding also needs to be done correctly. Those who are doing the job must have the relevant experience and training to so to minimise any potential risk. There are many different procedures in place that must be followed when erecting scaffolding including ladder placement and braces to be worn depending on the height of the project.

What to do when someone falls

A rising issue with untrained workers on scaffolding is their tendencies to fall off the equipment. Falls are one of the most popular ways for people to become injured on the job. Not only do falls affect the people who are falling, they also affect those around the area or incident as well.

How to prevent falls

There are many safety precautions in place to prevent falls and injuries while working with scaffolding. Guard rails and safety nets are common precautions used to prevent people falling. Additionally if you are working in a wet climate it is recommended that you use a non-slip mat on the platform to ensure that no one slips off it either.

To fully prevent these things from happening, again it is recommended that everyone has the necessary training and knowledge about operating scaffolding. When new pieces of equipment are being implemented they also need to be addressed to the workers.

If you’re planning on doing a construction project you definitely need to consider scaffolding. This was just a simple list of the important things that anyone dealing with equipment should know.

What to expect from a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood

second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood

There are many people out there who are wondering about what they can expect from a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood. It is common for people to be going through tough times when seeking out the advice of a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood, and so these people don’t want to be dealing with someone who is insensitive, who is trying to make a lot of money out of their situation, or who recommends solutions which don’t suit them. What many people don’t know is that most second mortgage finance advisors in Warriewood are extremely professional and are the best people to see when going through any type of money crisis. For others, they may not be going through any kind of crisis, but they may instead be looking to fund their new business venture, to put their child through university, or simply want some extra money to make life a bit easier to live. Whatever the situation may be, it is important to get all of the facts before acting. This is so there are no nasty surprises down the track, and so that everyone involved is completely informed. The best way to get all of the information possible is by seeking the help of a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood.

The first step is to make contact with a broker’s office

When it comes time to finding a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood, many offices will require that people ring the office first. This way, they can get a better idea of the situation at hand, and the potential client’s situation can be explained in full.  Furthermore, this is the perfect opportunity to have any questions answered. If people prefer they are able to drop in to an office, however, it is usually best to call as there may not be someone available to chat. When calling, a professional is able to call someone back at a convenient time for them to thoroughly discuss the situation at hand. On top of this, they are able to advise if a potential client has enough equity in their home to move forward with this kind of option, and they can then discuss what their options are. Once a formal phone call has occurred, the next step will usually be that an appointment is booked. The second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood will let the person know what documentation they should bring to an initial consultation, so they can best help them move forward.

Clients can then learn more about the whole process

Those who are visiting a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood for an initial consultation can expect to learn all of the facts during this visit. Professionals will usually be courteous and sensitive during these appointments, however, will also be sure to relay all of the facts so that their client is best prepared. For example, banks generally do not favour these types of loans, so it can sometimes be a difficult and expensive process. Because of this, many professionals will discuss other options such as someone refinancing their current loan. Similarly, professionals will discuss all of the different hoops that will need to be jumped through in order to obtain this loan and will advise their clients on the things they can do to reduce costs such as using a parental guarantee. Whatever the reason for wanting to seek out the help of a professional, it is advisable to do so. This is because a second mortgage finance advisor in Warriewood is the going to be the best person to see in order to achieve the best outcome possible.




Benefits of using 3PL warehousing in Sydney

Running a large-scale business is a lot of work – there’s no question about it. With multiple sectors of the company to consider, from pick and pack services in Australia to accounts, it’s vital to focus your team’s efforts on what they excel in. Consequently, there are many benefits to using 3PL warehousing in Sydney.

Namely, warehousing providers are experts in their field of logistics and supply chain management. If you don’t have the expertise to back warehouse management, it makes sense to source 3PL warehousing in Sydney in the interests of specialisation and time efficiency.

This article outlines the key benefits of using 3PL warehousing in Sydney!

Cost efficiency

One of the main benefits of 3PL warehousing in Sydney is the cost efficiency it provides your business. Rather than paying for an entire facility, with third party warehousing your business has the opportunity to pay only for the space it really needs.

This is particularly attractive if your company doesn’t need the space of an entire warehouse. Third party warehousing services can tailor the space they have to your business’ needs and allow multiple clients to share labour, space, and transportation costs.

With the benefits of cost efficiency and flexibility, third party warehousing is a great option for businesses that aren’t quite looking to manage their own logistics and supply chains.


Due to the flexibility of 3PL warehousing in Sydney with regards to space, scalability is another attractive feature it offers. The ability to adjust warehousing space with the fluctuation of inventory is extremely advantageous – it accounts for the shifts in demand and supply.

It also allows for the inevitable stock variations that occur during product launches or seasonal demands. This is incredibly valuable as it minimises the need for companies to manage warehousing logistics and organisation as their inventory fluctuates.

3PL warehousing in Sydney allows for the easy adjustment of product flow that operating your own facility cannot provide. It also prevents financial losses with regards to unused or limited space, or inefficiencies in inventory shifts.

Low capital investments

Outsourcing your logistics and supply management to a provider of 3PL warehousing in Sydney means your company doesn’t need to worry about maintaining their own warehousing and transportation systems.

This omits the need for your company to invest in establishing and managing their warehouses and supply chains – reducing their need for the capital commitments necessary to invest in purchasing assets and hiring labour.

Your company has less to worry about in terms of accounting for asset depreciation and the multiple levels of maintenance of a logistics network.  With 3PL warehousing in Sydney, your firm can source efficient and effective logistics management without huge capital investment.

Continuous research and improvement

When you outsource to a provider of 3PL warehousing in Sydney, you are drawing upon a larger pool of skills, expertise, and experience. As the specialists in their field, third party warehousing services will make the effort to continually invest in innovation and research to improve their logistics management.

Logistics and supply management companies continually invest in new technology and upgrades, and their customers are able to reap the benefits. Any solutions or improvements your third party warehouse supplier makes are available to you.

The outsourcing of logistics and management helps the efficiency of your business – it allows you to rely on experts in their field, and benefit from the continued innovation and research they invest into their field.

With the benefits of scalability, cost efficiency, and continuous research and improvement, 3PL warehousing in Sydney is a great option for your company to consider. Without the increased stresses of asset management and logistics development, third party warehousing can allow your business to focus on its specialisation.

Early Pointers For Beginners To Cognos Analytics

cognos analytics

The business intelligence application that is delivered by IBM continues to lead the way for developers, reporters and analysts in the field of commerce. Thankfully with the upgrades that have taken place with their Cognos analytics tool, it is one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market.


Now you do not need to be an IT professional or experienced software expert to utilise this tool. Many operators, whether they are in sales, marketing or another department that does not require you to be tech savvy, will often shy away from these applications for fear of misinterpreting the information or making mistakes.


That does not have to be the scenario for amateurs and beginners alike when it comes to the power and compatibility of Cognos analytics.


Here we will outline some of the key features that define this model, all of which will be easy to understand from professionals of all niches and across all departments.

Simple Dashboard Configuration


Prefer to drag and drop than opening up files and manually operating your entire system? Well Cognos analytics is specifically designed to ensure that you can move and integrate various spreadsheets and compacted data through a drag and drop application on the centralised dashboard. The visuals and aesthetics makes for a pleasant experience and helps those amateurs and beginners who don’t want a platform that confuses them manage their information.

Work and Save From The Cloud


Like many other platforms that are emerging in 2018 for business operators, Cognos analytics can be sourced and utilised direct from the cloud. Forget about investing in large storage apparatuses or on developing your infrastructure, because this access will allow all users from all locations to tap into the information at the flick of a button. On benchmarks of efficiency and performance, it is hard to ignore the power of the cloud and that is exactly what IBM has implemented with this application.

Developed From Self-Service Model


There are data models that are utilised by software companies whereby the fields that are offered and the formatting is constricted. They do not have the power or capacity to allow users to manipulate the information according to new insights, but that is not a concern when it comes to IBM’s Cognos analytics.


Analysing and uploading brand new datasets already established into a framework is part and parcel of their self-service model that allows for greater flexibility, for new information to be catered to and for mistakes to be eradicated. Other vendors that do not follow in the footsteps of Cognos analytics have capitalised on this flaw in past productions, but that does not have to be the case for your business in 2018.

Configured to Mobile


The great aspect of Cognos analytics is that, unlike many other formats of business application software, you can pick it up and take it with you on your smartphone. The mobile compatibility has been rolled out in recent upgrades as this brand is cherished in the commerce community due to its incredible built-in security apparatus that eliminates the chance for hackers to access your vital data. Owners and analysts who need to travel for various appointments should gravitate to this model on this aspect alone as reports are allowed to be authored while you are on the go.



The great news about businesses that sign up for the Cognos analytics service will manage to achieve two major facets in the one hit. They will bring aboard some of the most cutting edge software technology available on the market to sort, manage and analyse their data, all the whilst not confusing those users who do not have an in-depth education or background in this field. That is a result of years of upgrades and user-based research that illustrated the need for Cognos analytics to be more up to speed and less exclusive, and they have met that challenge comprehensively.

6 benefits of upgrading to commercial solar power

commercial solar power

Commercial solar power for can prove to be a practical and cost-effective means of reducing energy costs as well as the carbon footprint of your business. For many organisations, the primary benefit of renewable energy solutions is purely financial whilst other investors may choose to upgrade based on a combination of factors including environmental impact and public relations.

Let’s take a look at 6 major benefits of commercial solar power for your business.

1.     Reduction in energy costs

As the cost of electricity continues to skyrocket, the installation of commercial solar power systems allows businesses lock down some or all of their energy needs at a predictable, fixed rate. This works to reduce operating costs each month and overall bottom line while also allowing certainty in future energy planning.

This peace of mind is important since the cost of electricity is so unpredictable and subject to market changes. The sun, on the other hand, doesn’t fluctuate with markets or demand; it’s always shining and producing energy.

Since most commercial solar power systems last for several decades, this form of energy can provide you with managed, predictable costs that stay where they are long after the term of an energy supply contract expires. For the majority of businesses, the cost per kW for commercial solar power will be much lower than the standard grid cost.

2.     Reduction in greenhouse gas/carbon emissions

Each kW of commercial solar power that is installed will reduce the amount of carbon emissions by more than 2 tonnes per year. This helps provide a marked benefit to the global effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) in the planet’s atmosphere.

This average reduction in carbon emissions can be promoted by the organisation in marketing material and on its website. Environmentally conscious consumers (the majority) will look at your business more favourably because you are cutting your corporate contribution to global warming.

3.     B2B leverage

The indirect benefits of improving your businesses’ green credentials are quite powerful and commercial solar power represents a practical and highly visible way to help the environment on a meaningful scale. More than ever, organisations are now using their level of environmental harmony as a bargaining chip when sourcing new leads and bidding on contracts.

Organisations are also now demanding suppliers publish their environmental commitment as a way to leverage their own value. Commercial solar power is a low cost and practical way to demonstrate this environmental commitment.

Your business can even invest in communications software that shows visually the performance of your commercial solar power installation. This information can be used in outreach material to quickly demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

4.     Bedrock of energy reduction programs

A commercial solar power system can be the backbone of an energy reduction program that includes smart computer politics, lighting technology changes and more.

The installation and use of this kind of energy system can affect employee behaviour in powerful ways whether they are an office or factory worker. This is because there is a direct link between the power source and the thing using it.

5.     Retaining valuable employees

Research is beginning to show that many new or potential employees are now valuing the green credentials of an employer before making a career decision. If you want to attract valuable employees then commercial solar power may be just the right statement your organisation needs to make.

The employees’ commitment to social and environmental issues reflects in their commitment to their role and to the company. This is helped when the employee feels as though the organisation they work for is taking positive steps in environmental action.

People want to feel like the solution and not part of a compounding problem.


Why You Need a Do Not Disturb Light For Your Cubicle

do not disturb light for your cubicle

A do not disturb light for your cubicle brings itself a series of benefits that might be evident at first glance.


Amongst all the costs that a local business incurs during any single day, from phone bills to printing costs, transport, shipping and just having employees turning up and being on the clock – there are plenty of items on the agenda for an owner.


However, there is a great deal of benefit to this tool when you consider the logistics of streamlining and operation. Given the rate of missed calls, the confusion felt amongst departments and the drop in expectations and service for the community at large, surely the standards can be raised?


This is where the introduction of a do not disturb light for your cubicle can make the world of difference.


For a small investment, you can see an enterprise develop a stronger sense of clarity and purpose.


Right now we will expand on that point in more detail, illustrating the benefits of using an outlet like this for your commercial space.

Coordinate With Employees


Introducing a do not disturb light for your cubicle will help with employees in the same department be aware of each other’s status at any one time. Whether you examine a sales department, a customer service operation or a help desk that has a number of individuals in place, there needs to be coordination between the parties. For when calls become diverted or help is needed between two professionals with a similar degree of expertise or experience, then this can facilitate a healthier working environment.

Coordinate With Employers


A do not disturb light for your cubicle will also become a major help when it comes to those higher up in the hierarchy as a department head or manager attempts to gauge the efficiency and quality of work of those underneath them. If a call status is consistently busy, then they are likely a professional who is regularly in discussions with consumers or clients and is willing to engage on a regular basis. Their job description might stipulate that for a call centre, or it might be a disadvantage should that not be their prerogative. Either way, the employers have great clarity to gauge performance as well as availability.

Streamline For Business Operations


Bringing in a do not disturb light for your cubicle is not just a means of rolling that item out in isolation. What a do not disturb light for your cubicle actually does is help to streamline a uniform business practice that allows others in close vicinity to respect the status of an ongoing call or a discussion that renders that professional unavailable for whatever reason. This can open up other pathways to name tags, available and unavailable lights, and additional systemised software that pushes towards advanced modes of communication.

Improves Call Rate


The central objective for a do not disturb light for your cubicle is to communicate to those around you that you are unavailable to hold talks in that moment. Whereas other customer service operations divert calls and leave the end user waiting on the other line for an endless period, this helps to cut down on missed calls and interrupted conversations. The communications department require clarity to make decisions and this works towards that goal.



There will be a series of brands and outlets that cater to the market that will issue you a do not disturb light for your cubicle. It is a niche that has grown over the years as call centres, customer service departments and sales operations have needed a means of streamlining their day to day through one single process where every member is up to speed. That is why a do not disturb light for your cubicle is the smart choice.


Important Features That Should Arrive With Your Inventory Software Package

1. Inventory software for small business

Any business that wants to satisfy their customers and keep their staff informed will be utilising a form of inventory software for small business. Above all else, this will ensure a strong degree of control whereby a retail and warehouse outlet can manage the incoming and outgoing of stock without human error causing major damage along the way.


Whilst the term ‘inventory software’ might appear ambiguous to the uninitiated, it will actually be a program that comes equipped with a series of features that will help the bottom line of the business.


In 2018, there are brands and products that will assist staff conduct their daily routine with a greater degree of confidence and clarity as decision can be made based on pertinent and up to date data.


So what should your software package come included with? Here we will outline the central features that defines this program.

Track Kits


A feature that should be evident will all types of inventory software is the application of delivering track kits. These helps a business by bundling and grouping together categories of products together that will end up forming their own unique product. This is mainly evident with items that need to be built and constructed to some degree on behalf of the buyer or end user, such as a desk, printer, bed or other items that requires a degree of assembly.

Multi Device Integration


The latest forms of inventory software will allow smartphone devices and tablets alike to utilise the program without any issues. Given the capacity to download a live app that will give more staff access to the platform, workers can scan for goods and monitor stock without the need for continued oversight that slows down productivity. This is especially pertinent if the centralised system is poorly performing or shutdown due to an emergency and a backup device has to be used. This will see the inventory software offering a functionality that is hard to surpass for quality.

Low Inventory Warning


Alters and notifications should be part and parcel of the features that come inclusive with inventory software, yet this is particularly relevant when discussing low quantity of stock. Orders that become backlogged hurt the efficiency of a business that needs to keep customers satisfied and slowing down on orders due to an inability to monitor stock is a major failing that any retailer should be ashamed about. These notifications should keep stock quantity front of mind from the top office the staff that are on the ground in the warehouse.

Inter-Warehouse Movement


This facet will ultimately be necessary should your business be part of a franchise or working in accordance with reliable partners who manage one department of the stock. Inventory software should come accompanied with a feature that offers inter-warehouse movement as the goods are maneuvered from one postcode location to the next, specifically in relation to a warehouse-to-warehouse chain.


There will be moments when these transfers need to be updated in real time or amendments must be communicated to the courier and the recipient, something that the software package should provide and stipulate.



There will be all manner of features that can come attached with your inventory software that you choose to purchase. From multicurrency to picking lists, drop ships and sales tax data, brands will want to go above and beyond to access your business. Yet it is worthwhile identifying if your inventory software included the above features because that will give your company the edge against the competition when it comes to delivering the product to the masses.

What’s the difference between digitisation and digitalisation?


So you come across the word digitisation and immediately link it to digitalisation thinking they must be the same thing. Unfortunately, you’re wrong and it could be a worrying trend because you are certainly not alone.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital it is important that everyone is on the same page.

What is digitisation?

Digitisation is the process of converting a physical piece of information into a digital version. For example, if Gary has written out an essay on paper and then scanned it into a PDF format on his computer, this is digitisation.

What is digitalisation?

Digitalisation is the next step from digitisation by using this to advance, progress and improve business operations. For example, Sally has scanned her essay into a PDF format and saved it to her computer. She has then uploaded it to the cloud so that the information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Comparing the two

In the above examples highlighting the difference between digitisation and digitalisation, both Gary and Sally have digitised their business. However, it is only Sally whose business is now digitalised because she has managed to improve her processes through the cloud.

Ultimately, digitalisation leads to improvement and benefits where as digitisation is simply transforming one physical thing into a digital version. Digitalisation requires digitisation but the same cannot be said the other way around.

What’s the next step?

The next step in this process is what is called digital transformation. Digital transformation is when the digitisation and subsequent digitalisation results in the changing of an industry for the better. It is the impact caused by digitalisation.

A great example of this is how digitalisation has impacted the advertising or marketing industry. The internet has led to the digital transformation of the advertising industry as advertising has become more online because it can be easily measured and more accurately measured than more traditional forms of advertising such as outdoor or radio and TV.

One of the biggest digital transformations in the advertising industry has been the adoption of email marketing as opposed to paper mail. Paper mail doesn’t provide a feedback loop, there is no way of knowing if that specific delivery or deliveries had any impact. When it comes to email, however, you know exactly who has received it, who has opened it and how they have engaged with each part of the email.

Digitisation is only the first step and then digitalisation only gets you a part of the way. It is not until digitalisation has turned into digital transformation that the impacts become significant.