6 benefits of upgrading to commercial solar power

Commercial solar power for can prove to be a practical and cost-effective means of reducing energy costs as well as the carbon footprint of your business. For many organisations, the primary benefit of renewable energy solutions is purely financial whilst other investors may choose to upgrade based on a combination of factors including environmental impact and public relations.

Let’s take a look at 6 major benefits of commercial solar power for your business.

1.     Reduction in energy costs

As the cost of electricity continues to skyrocket, the installation of commercial solar power systems allows businesses lock down some or all of their energy needs at a predictable, fixed rate. This works to reduce operating costs each month and overall bottom line while also allowing certainty in future energy planning.

This peace of mind is important since the cost of electricity is so unpredictable and subject to market changes. The sun, on the other hand, doesn’t fluctuate with markets or demand; it’s always shining and producing energy.

Since most commercial solar power systems last for several decades, this form of energy can provide you with managed, predictable costs that stay where they are long after the term of an energy supply contract expires. For the majority of businesses, the cost per kW for commercial solar power will be much lower than the standard grid cost.

2.     Reduction in greenhouse gas/carbon emissions

Each kW of commercial solar power that is installed will reduce the amount of carbon emissions by more than 2 tonnes per year. This helps provide a marked benefit to the global effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) in the planet’s atmosphere.

This average reduction in carbon emissions can be promoted by the organisation in marketing material and on its website. Environmentally conscious consumers (the majority) will look at your business more favourably because you are cutting your corporate contribution to global warming.

3.     B2B leverage

The indirect benefits of improving your businesses’ green credentials are quite powerful and commercial solar power represents a practical and highly visible way to help the environment on a meaningful scale. More than ever, organisations are now using their level of environmental harmony as a bargaining chip when sourcing new leads and bidding on contracts.

Organisations are also now demanding suppliers publish their environmental commitment as a way to leverage their own value. Commercial solar power is a low cost and practical way to demonstrate this environmental commitment.

Your business can even invest in communications software that shows visually the performance of your commercial solar power installation. This information can be used in outreach material to quickly demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

4.     Bedrock of energy reduction programs

A commercial solar power system can be the backbone of an energy reduction program that includes smart computer politics, lighting technology changes and more.

The installation and use of this kind of energy system can affect employee behaviour in powerful ways whether they are an office or factory worker. This is because there is a direct link between the power source and the thing using it.

5.     Retaining valuable employees

Research is beginning to show that many new or potential employees are now valuing the green credentials of an employer before making a career decision. If you want to attract valuable employees then commercial solar power may be just the right statement your organisation needs to make.

The employees’ commitment to social and environmental issues reflects in their commitment to their role and to the company. This is helped when the employee feels as though the organisation they work for is taking positive steps in environmental action.

People want to feel like the solution and not part of a compounding problem.