3 Vital steps to being a more engaged leader

Leaders will often oversee and bark orders to those working beneath them. The trouble with this is that it can often make employees feel disengaged from their leader and almost as a secondary compartment to the team. Leaders need to be engaged both on a business level and a relationship level with their team.

It is often the case that as leaders we can get caught up in the business goals and forget about the hard work that everyone else is putting in so that we can forward on the success. Going back to basic is the key to being an engaged leader. Here are 3 easy steps to help you get there.

  1. Listen with intent

Knowing your employees well is the first step to 100% engagement and the only way to get to know them properly is by listening. However, knowing your employees is only the first step in building the relationship.

The second step is taking action when they voice concerns, complaints or ask questions. Employees respect a leader who listens and acts on their concerns and questions. It builds trust and also makes them feel worthwhile whilst also continuing to reach out building a better team.

  1. Encourage and empower

Employees can often feel the pressure that a leader feels. Therefore, a leader must do everything in their power to make their employees feel relaxed and free. This means reducing the restrictions placed on them and trusting employees to complete tasks to a high standard and work hard when required.

Instead of placing time restrictions and not allowing lunch breaks during busy periods simply set your teams goals and deadlines and then leave them be to complete the tasks. This will likely improve productivity and also make them to feel empowered. The more you let them control, the more they will respect you as a leader and feel happier in the workplace.

  1. Develop leaders

This point follows on from the above in allowing your employees to take responsibility for their work. Once you have empowered your employees find opportunities for them to influence and take control.

Giving them an opportunity to take control and lead themselves will motivate them even further to achieve success. Additionally it will help you to see their potential and work with them in a more meaningful way. Placing additional responsibility with your employees engages you and them in more work and also helps to build stronger relationships of trust.

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